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Vastu as we always say is not confined to the architectural design of building indeed Vastu is a 'vast' concept that can be applied to every related thing on earth. Vastu has it all and its principles have held important place in our lives as they make us prosperous in every way. We have compiled wide range of articles which tells you the relative importance of Vastu in every sphere of life. Explore here the latest articles:

Vastu for Harmony

The principles of Vastu are followed in such a way that it makes the surrounding in harmony

Vastu for Peace of Mind

Vastu for Peace of MindPeace of mind has lost by most homeowners because of negative energies.

Affects of North facing site

North Facing SiteNorth is a zone of wealth God 'Kubera' who is responsible for all the finance and development in a house.

Affects of South Facing Sites

North Facing SiteLord Yama- god of death governs this direction who is also responsible for wealth and health

Affects of North-West Facing Plots

Affects of North-West PlotNorth-west is aesthetically known as governing place of Vayu, whose surviving attributes are that of constant change.

Effect of Cut In North-East Corner

Affects of cut in North-East CornerNorth-east or Ishaan corner is the most significant and holy place in any plot or building which is also called place of God.

Vastu to Enhance Concentration & Knowledge

Vastu for enhance concentrationConcentration and knowledge is among things which everybody wants to enhance to succeed in life while in today's world most of us suffer from low or poor concentration and half knowledge.

Bring Energy Balance Elements

Vastu Energy BalanceTo relive the blocked energies, centre of existence need to be balanced for well-being and better life.

Affects of East Facing Property

Affects of East DirectionEast symbolizes life as God Sun rises from here to make this world bright and this is why East facing properties are considered best.

Road Surrounded Site is Best

Roads surrounded siteA plot or building surrounded by parallel roads is considered best for house inmates in terms of happiness and pleasures.

Greet your Elders for Vastu Benefits

Vastu Benefits for greetingWith the increasing trend of nuclear families are no longer in fashion and every couple wants to live their life separately from their parents.

Go Ahead Towards Right Direction on Right Day

Vastu for Right DirectionIt is believed that going westwards on Sunday whose ruling Lord is Sun governs over East, is like going against the Lord.

Enhance your child's memory power with Saraswati icon

Children Studycheck the Vastu of children's room so that they won't bear problem while concentrating on studies.

Significance of Vibrations In Our Life

VibrationsWe can easily discern the vibrations are positive or negative after seeing or feel a person or place.

Glaring and Naked Lights Affect Efficiency

Glaring light affect efficiencyGood light is needed to everybody but how will you feel if naked glaring bulb is lit in your room that may make you irritable and sleepless.

Structural Changes are never a solution!

Structural Changes Vastu believes in no Structural change and do not suggest any structural change when there can be remedies of defects.

Purchase Your Property After Checking its History

'Check property before purchasingAccording to Vastu checking the reason behind sale of property- house or office is necessary to find out the life of people led by previous occupant.

Strong sibling ties by keeping your entrance tidy!

Sibling RelationshipPeople may find such write ups gag and scam that how can relationship of siblings in a house be strong by cleaning entrance?

Check your Directions for less expenditure and more earnings

Direction for more earningHeavy material is never recommended in certain zones of house because they tend to sink money in irrelevant expenses.

Vastu Directions For Decorative Items

Vastu Directions for Decorative ItemsJust like art of balancing energies in the house to keep inflow of positivity.

Vastu tips can help women to deliver healthy baby

Vastu tips for deliver healthy babyVastu lays down norms for pregnant women so that they can deliver healthy baby and there is no problem during delivery.

Blocking East and North Passages can obstruct Finance & Success

Block North-EastDumping finished or raw material in the Eastern or Northern side is akin to blocking body arteries due to which it is impossible to breathe and live.

Location of Family Pictures in Vastu

Defective window can be unluckyVastu lays down norms for every nook and belongings which we have and likewise it tells us which can be the ideal position for wall paintings.

Spacing Between Sink and Stove is Mandatory

Defective window can be unluckyA kitchen is best placed in South-east corner of house because symbolically fire has triangle shape and governs South-east quadrant.

Are Vastu norms alike for Home and Office?

Vastu norms alike for Home and Office?Vastu parameters are always alike for home and office while it may differ on different terms in factories or industries.

Do not Leave South-West Portion Unoccupied

Do not Leave South-West PortionSouth-west corner is said to be most powerful and stable corner which according to Vastu should not be left unoccupied.

Effects of Directional Slopes

Do not Leave South-West PortionSlopes are significant & integral part of a plot and need proper consideration during the selection of Vastu plot.

Effects of Making Food in Wrong Direction

Effects of Making Food in Wrong DirectionAccording to Vastu Shastra, kitchen is the main root of all problems and its location is considered of utmost importance in Vastu

Vastu for Love

Effects of Making Food in Wrong DirectionLove is the food of life and undoubtedly Vastu can enrich life with lots of love making the relationships strong.

Vastu for Happy Life

Vastu for Happy LifeVastu is all about bringing happiness in life through balancing the elements of earth, water, air, space and fire.

Vastu for Success

Vastu for SuccessSuccess is what everybody wants in every sphere of life and following Vastu rules is the way to succeed in life.

Vastu for Love Tips

Vastu for LoveVastu plays a vital role in enhancing love bond between couples and making their love eternally strong.

Results of West Facing House

West Facing House West facing house proves good because good luck and success also relies on specific zone made on this direction

Vastu Zodiac Directions

Vastu Zodiac DirectionHuman beings imbue characteristics as per governing zodiac which is allotted with prominent direction.

Vastu and Brahmasthan

Vastu and BrahmasthanBrahmasthan is an important and significant part of plot which should be kept vacant and free from any construction.

Vastu for Personality Development

Vastu for Personality DevelopmentSpecific direction of Vastu certainly adds positivity in our persona and gradually developing the personality overall.

Affects of North-East Facing Site

Affects of North-East SiteNorth-east corner is an integral and significant part of building which is kept sacred for constructing temple.

Affects of South-West Facing Plots

Vastu for South-WestSouth-west facing plots is also called Nairuthi corner and according to Vedas this corner is governed by Demon which makes it unsuitable and inauspicious.

Affects of South-East Plots

Affects of South-EastSouth-east direction is the governing place of Fire or Agni which is most suitable or ideal for kitchen.

Correctly plan your Staircase for Success

Staircase for SuccessVastu has some norms scripted for staircase which must be adhere for successful life

Cautiously Build your Backyard with Vastu

Vastu for BackyardBackyard is an important portion of house but with the time and paucity of space

Vastu Effects of Extension and Shape

Vastu Effects of extensionShape of house and high or low extension from different corners manifests varying effects on occupants of house.

Shape, Plot and Their Consequences

Rectangular shapeRectangular plot is auspicious in the ratio of 1:2 and if the length is facing North and breadth is facing West then the inmates reap rich benefits

Vastu to Trigger down Children Stress

Trigger Down Children StressDo you often find your children panicking and stressed due to studies or ensuing exams?

Find out lucky colour and date for success

Lucky NumberVastu says more than your intelligence there required various things in life which are: god's grace, luck and helpful company of people.

Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting OM

Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting OMVastu defects are common in every house as no house is perfectly constructed according to Vastu set of rules.

Vastu Comply Address Can Give You Fame

Vastu Comply AddressVastu friendly address or good numerical value area gives much name and fame unlike other.

Vastu is not about structural changes, Remedies are Enough

Positive Vastu RemediesVastu do not recommend any structural change when remedies are enough to cure Vastu defect.

Keep the pile of clutter away to generate positive energy

Pile of ClutterClutter is one of the potent reasons for negative energy and stress in Vastu.

Check North-east for any separation or break in marriage

Adverse Marriage LifeVastu veterans that couples having bedroom in North-east leads to either divorce or no compatibility among couples.

Lower Floor Office Are Much Affected In Anti-Vastu Building

Lower Floor OfficeSouth-west corner is said to be most powerful and stable corner which according to Vastu should not be left unoccupied.

Vastu Perfection Is Impossible But Small Changes Help In Big Way

Vastu PerfectionPaucity of space and constrain in finance are some of the reasons which deter most of us from buying a Vastu complaint flat or house in metros.

Rest your children at apt place to get them married soon

Marriageable childrenIndian believes in ancient wisdom that marriages are being decided in heaven so as soulmate.

Believe in what you see, not because it is a custom somewhere

Marriageable childrenPeople tend to believe everything they hear but not see which is exactly opposite to the ancient wisdom which says- you reap what you sow!

Neglecting Defective Window Panes Can Be Unlucky

Defective window can be unluckyDefective window panes should never be neglected anyway as a minor defect can blow away contentment of occupants.

Shape of Building Matters for Inmates

Defective window can be unluckyVastu specifically gives out rules for the shape of building which has primary significance in Vastu

Ward off Negative Energy With Blue Curtains

Ward off Negative EnergyTo energize the surroundings it is advisable to make use of energy tools because sometimes extended or cut off directions produce negativity.

Art of Reading Vastu Compass Correctly

Art of reading vastu compassReading compass correctly is an art that has to be precise so as to ascertain the accurate direction of plot although slight variation is negligible.

Vastu Says Haunted Houses Don't Exists

Haunted HouseWe often hear people blowing rumours about haunted house that may be lying vacant from decades or so and any phenomena they attribute as presence of some soul.

Effect of T-Point House

Vastu for SuccessT-point house are generally considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra and they are called Vedhi Shool in Vastu.

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