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Results of West Facing House

People have notion that only East facing houses or factories excel in terms of success and wealth, however such is not the case as West also brings good prospects to the house owners. Although not every time West facing proves good because good luck and success also relies on specific zone made on this direction.
  • It is believed in Vastu that West facing homes if higher in floor than East brings wealth and prospers inmates with no enmity. Western side floor must be higher than Eastern side floor to fetch all-around prosperity.
  • West Facing HousePeople residing in West facing house or having factory are generally extrovert in nature having bold and open thoughts. Such inmates or owner are sometimes obscure in their decisions and possess practical approach.
  • However there are some adverse effects as well for instance people living in West facing homes have no fame or ill-fame due to any reason, business running in West facing offices don't fetch much name and fame as it may get in East facing and there are sometimes risk involves in business.
  • West facing houses are suitable for people having profession like teachers, politicians, religious priests and corporate business men.
  • It has also been observed that people living in Western zone suffer from health problems such as skin disease.

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