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Vastu Consultation in Dubai

Vastu consultation in Dubai
Though vastu rules remain the same world wide, but each place has some unique problems. While doing consultation in Dubai, Dr. Smita faced a unique problem; the vastu compass deflected to a large extent which made consultation much harder. Every corner and room gave different reading. This was not only in one properly but unfortunately in 90% of the properties she visited for consultation. Deflect in the compass is majorly due to the Elecro-magnetic radiation, hence consultation has to be done very carefully, specially in Dubai. If wrong directions are provided then the consultation is done according to those direction which can infact create further problems. Thanks for her frequent visit to Dubai that she noticed this issue. Incase you are planning to avail vastu consultation from Dr. Smita, make sure you take proper directions for Dr. Smita on how to take the directions properly, in-case going for online consultation.

Read What Clients in Dubai Had To Say About Dr. Smita's Consultation

I Thank Dr. Smita ji for wonderful work. I really like the dedication you put into your work. Consultation has been very clear and precise.
Thank you again, I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are interested in Vaastu.

Arvind Soni, Sharjah, Distributor of books

From speaking to Dr. Smitaji on the phone, I could sense that she was devoted to Vaastu Shastra and did it as a passion, not as a business. I didn't get that feeling from the others. In fact, one particular woman literally turned me and my husband off because of her 'know it all' attitude. Despite the immense knowledge & education she is a very humble and down to earth person.

It was her dedication and professionalism we were equally impressed with. Dr. Smitaji strives to give you the best results with her knowledge creates a space of harmony and balance in your life and in your home.

Moving from the Master bedroom to my son's bedroom was a big step for my husband. But after noticing that my health was improving he did not mind it at all. My son has become calmer and listens to us, studies and fares better at school and his games. The unnecessary unexpected expense we faced has stopped.

Finally when we met her it was not like meeting a person the 1st time; we felt a connection with her as if we had been knowing her for ages. Even though my husband does not really follow Vaastu after speaking to her he got the logic behind her guidance.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in Vaastu for the house and business.

Ms. Nikita, Dubai, Trader

It was an exceptional experience with Dr. Smita for the vastu consultation. She is so geuine in giving advise and that too without me having to spend big amounts for changes as per vastu. In past I had worse experience with some feng shui conultants who ripped off my pockets with no results!!! but with Dr. Smita the comfort level and results are amazing. I feel the changes after implementation of vastu advise from Dr. Smita.

Ms. Priya mane, Dubai

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