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Vastu Yantra

Vastu Yantra
Vastu yantra is a scared object that negates the defects and negative effects of Vastu dosha at a respective place. The yantra is usually made of any royal treasure or metal for instance gold, silver or copper and helps in discarding ill aftermaths of wrong placement of house or any of the Vastu dosha. Many houses have varied Vastu dosh which are incurable and can''t be rectified with ease while in such places Vastu Yantra is the only measure to balance the energy.

Vastu Yantra is placed under the earth during foundation or just installed inside the house at some scared place such as pooja room followed by due rituals. Vastu Yantra regulates the positive vibration in living place by overtaking negativity and helps to bring good luck with overall prosperity.

Vastu Yantra Vastu yantra are of different types which are installed in a place for specific purpose and to discard malefic effects. Some popular Vastu Yantra is:

Vastu dosh nivaran Yantra

Shri Vastu dosh nivaran yantra is meant to pacify malignant effects or dosh of house that may arise due to various reasons including Vastu defects- wrong location of house etc. This yantra help in rectifying all complications surge due to ill-effects and render positive surroundings. A house can benefit in every way with this scared Vastu yantra which has to be placed at holy and clean like pooja room or is buried under the earth during foundation.

Durga bisa Yantra

Durga bisa yantra is effective Yantra that has its own magnanimity and charm, usually taken as pious object for worship. This yantra is meant for good fate, health, wealth and protection embossed exclusively on copper plate. Durga bias yantra is installed mainly in offices or shops to activate wealth and generate more money. It has to be incorporated with all pure heart & soul and sacred ritual in specific direction prescribe.

Ganesha Yantra

Ganesha is the god of wealth, prosperity and success while ganesha yantra is an auspicious yantra for every home or shop. Ganesha yantra activate the ambience and remove hurdles in work and money flow. Therefore installing ganesha yantra during undertaking any project or venturing into new project helps making it a success because Lord Ganesha represents power who removes obstacles ensuring success. The ganesha yantra is embossed on copper and must be installed with due rituals to procure good results.

Lakshmi narayan Yantra

Lakshmi narayan is the supreme Lord of Lords which imparts its devotees with good health, wealth, maintenance and valour. The yantra is a symbol of eternal bliss and presence of omniscient that bestows all-round success and prosperity by removing or rectifying Vastu dosh and evil influences.

Vishnu Yantra

Lord Vishnu is the eternal omnipresent and omniscient power pervading in universe and revered as lord of lords in Hinduism. Vishnu yantra can be installed in any place for the accomplishment of task, attain mercy in the form of success and achievements.

All the yantras have immense power to heal defects of Vastu in a house and render incessant success, mercy and eternal bliss.

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