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Message by Dr. Smita: Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building. Like a human body, every house/office is a different study, hence it requires an expert to analyse it. Vastu Consultants are the doctors of buildings.

Affect of South-West Facing Plots

Vastu For South West Facing Houses | Dr. Smita
Vastu Tips for South West facing houses

South-west facing plots is also called Nairuthi corner and according to Vedas this corner is governed by Demon which makes it unsuitable and inauspicious. Plots having faced South-west do not prosper the way other plots do well while any other specific construction can make occupants susceptible to diseases and sometimes causes bad name.

South-west corner adopts attributes of leadership and also considered stable portion this is why marriageable girls are advised to take over North-west room instead South-west while owner of the family is given this portion. Therefore, South-west portion of house should be extended or kept open and any defect or wrong construction can lead loss of riches & health in the family.
Vastu for South-West
  • Avoid any open space in South-west part.
  • There should be no extension in South-west portion.
  • South-west is best to have over-head water tank.
  • All the heavy material should be placed in South-west while storage is also ideal here.
  • There should be no pit, pond or under-ground water tank in South-west.
  • South-west corner must be balanced by loading heavy material and other dumping stuff but never leave this area open or extended.
  • Avoid construction of kitchen, living room, children room and bathroom. While south-west is ideal for storage room, over-head tanks and master bedroom.
  • Generally inmates living in south-facing house are susceptible to adultery, tend to make enemies; if there is extension in South-west girls not chastise and are ruined in escapades.
  • Inmates living in extended South-west facing plots are prone to chronic diseases such as HIV, cancer and TB.

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