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Affects of East Facing Property

Vastu Shastra
East symbolizes life as God Sun rises from here to make this world bright and this is why East facing properties are considered best. East facing property has its own significance in making life of inmates easy and successful. Vastu prefers East or North as best entrances and lays down some norms such as:

  • Eastern side should not be lower in floor unlike West which should be comparatively higher than East.
  • Eastern sides must be kept open for the inflow of energies and sunlight which is vital for inmates living.
  • Affects of East DirectionIf energies of east facing house or factories are blocked then there is a dearth of male member in house which means women face problem in conceiving.
  • Sunlight is essence of life which is imparted by Sun. Sunlight is important source of natural light that brings with it numerous positive cosmic energies making the place Vastu compliant. This is why East facing houses are preferred for every type of construction.
  • East facing properties are at par excellence and prosper in all ways: peace, harmony, happiness, health, wealth, development, fame, success and vigour.
  • People residing east facing house or running factories usually opt for creative field and it is also observed that they are good orators. Such people are honoured in society due to certain profession.

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