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Vastu Tips For Construction Detail

Vastu Shastra for construction
The second stage after buying a land is to start construction. Now even if you have chosen a bad land you can correct it by making proper construction and using Eco friendly material according to vastu. If you have purchased a good land, it can be unsuspicious if you don't make the construction according to the rules of vastu. If you choose the wrong materials in wrong place, they will start giving problem later. Imagine after whole construction you come to know that the material is the cause of worries. What will you do? You cannot demolish the whole building , so its always better to have precautions rather than to go for cures.

There are some important factors that you should always consider while designing the house.

Open space around the building

We have to carefully examine the space given to us around the building.
  • Leave more space in the North and East as compared to South and West.
  • The major construction should never be on the Northern and eastern wall.
  • Even for the South/West facing plots, the open area in South & West should not be more than North & East.

The proportion

The ratio between the length and breadth of the building should normally be 1:1 or 1:1.5 or maximum up to 1:2, it should never exceed this limit in any circumstance, otherwise it will become a 'long bar' shaped plot and is not at all auspicious for anyone.

The Levels

At any level, whether Ground level or First level, the West, South, Southwest sides should be more elevated than the North, Northeast and East sides. Basically the flow of water should always be from the South to North or West to East as it create a lot of positive energies.


The roofing slope should always be towards East and North so that the water always flows towards the North and East. If the roof is designed slanted, the slopes should be in north and east sides. Slanting towards South or West should be avoided.

The Height

The height is related to weight. The height either be kept equal everywhere in the building or it will be preferred to keep the South and West higher than the North and East as the South, West sides will automatically gets heavier and this is very auspicious. But never keep the North and east sides at more heights than the South, West.

Terrace / Porch / Portico / Balcony

All these should always be located in the North, East or Northeast sides of the building to bring the health, wealth and happiness. The balconies should always face the North, East or Northeast.

Compound wall

The compound is the wall that covers the boundary of the house. The compound wall either should be of same height and thickness in all the four sides or it will be best if it is thicker and taller in Southern and Western sides as compared to the Northern and Eastern sides. This is preferred as the thick wall of the South and West sides will prevent the afternoon sun and the setting rays of the sun, which are harmful for the humans. Light walls in North and East sides will allow the beneficial morning rays to come and penetrate in the house; they are full of Vitamin D and are the only source of obtaining it.

Garage / Out house

The best place to construct them is the Northwest and Southeast corner and care should be taken not to block or cut the corners at the Southeast or Northwest and the quarter walls should not touch the wall at the East or North side.

Guard's room

A concrete or wooden shelter is made either in Southwest or Southeast and the shelter should be facing the East or North but it is important to ensure that the watchman is able to see every movement.
source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

Overhead tanks

These tanks should be placed in South/West/Southwest as the tank becomes very heavy.

Underground reservoir

It should always be made in the North/East/Northeast.

Well / Bore - Well / Tube - Well

These should be placed in Northeast or eastern sides preferably in between the mid North and Northeast as it bring all round prosperity and new opportunities for growth.

Thus, if we consider all these points, we will never make a mistake to design a house which is against Vaastu and then the people will stop suffering from the defects of Vaastu.

Read out the following detials which a vastu expert will follow before the construction of a place. We will provide you with the following details:
  • About the proportions of open spaces and built space.
  • Shape and height of the building levels.
  • Slopes of floor and roof.
  • Location of Columns beams.
  • Boundary walls height, design, and thickness.
  • Stairs-location shapes and rise.
  • Placement of the main gate doors windows, ventilators, and cupboards.
  • Electricity meter, main line, lighting system.
  • Placement of all the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms.
  • Placement of the water sources like overhead tanks, underground tank, septic tank.
  • Use of Eco- friendly materials

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