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How to use Compass?

How to use compass? Vastu Shastra
Vastu compass is a device that every professional Vastukar takes with itself to ascertain the concerned directions in a place. This tool is one of the prominent instruments that an expert carries to self-check the arrangements, location and directions as per Vastu.

Types of compass
Vastu compass has two different types:
  • Pivotal compass: This type of compass is commonly used by experts and even by laymen to ascertain the exact direction. They usually have a red tip on one of the needle at the end and needle rotates itself as soon as it is kept on the surface. When the needle settles down in any direction, the red tip of needle is aligned with north written as 'N' on the compass. That direction on which red tip needle points is North.
  • How to Use CompassFloating compass: Floating compass is an improvised version of former and has automatic system of working. In this compass there is no need to align the red tip towards north like in Pivotal because a disc is mounted on the top of needle. This device itself points towards north unlike pivotal compass.
Tricks to use compass
Vastu compass can be used in a following way:
  • Ascertain the approximate centre of the plot and stand there, keep the compass on the clean surface of the floor.
  • Ensure that you don't carry or have any magnetic device or mobile phone or high tension wire nearby which can restrain you from ascertaining correct direction.
  • Let the needle rest on surface and then look at the needle pointing red.
  • When the oscillating needle stops, just rotate it or align the red pointed needle to the north. That pointed direction showing red is your north and difference in degrees between the red needle and letter 'N' provides the direction of the plot in degrees.
  • If the deflection is found to be below 10 degrees, then plot is perfect in alignment. If deflection is higher, than directions are need to calculate by making diagonal plots.
  • Do not come to the point immediately but one should calculate directions from different places for instance centre, front or back.
One should have sound knowledge of directions in order to use Vastu device to ascertain proper direction of an area.

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