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Alone Home's Facing Direction Doesn't Decide Prosperity

Alone Homes Facing Direction Doesnt Decide Prosperity
People sometimes having blind faith and lack of knowledge rigidly discard the thought of purchasing house just on the pretext that they are South or West facing. However, such is not true because only direction doesn't really decide overall prosperity and happiness of house.

Vastu for Home's DirectionThere are different other factors as well which need to be consider before purchasing, for instance apart from direction of plot internal layout of house or office, location, typography, underground or overhead tank or borewell etc have to be checked. Analyzing property from all angles is a key to have prosperous plot as no single attribute of Vastu will help to acquire Vastu compliant house and other various factors have vital role.

It is not true that South or West direction properties are bad or inauspicious; the fact is that such plots are not that good as East and North facing. However Vastu gives out remedies for such directional homes which nullify the negative points to make it better living place. Purchasing a house is akin to finding a life partner and we don't really decide our soulmate on just one attribute such is the case with going out for house.

All the aspects of Vastu must be considered before purchasing a plot or house because no piece of property is Vastu complaint but has to make according to Vastu through remedies or balancing energies. There are house with East or North facing plots but seen discontent while if direction will be the only criterion in Vastu then such houses would have been happier.

Therefore, only direction is not the criteria for purchasing house and other factors have to be kept in mind while heading out for property to ensure over-all prosperity.

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