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Art of Reading Vastu Compass Correctly

Art of Reading Vastu Compass Correctly
Reading compass correctly is an art that has to be precise so as to ascertain the accurate direction of plot although slight variation is negligible. Vastu Compass is of two types that are easily available in market: Pivotal and Floating compass. Compass has to be used properly with accuracy and vigilance so that direction is marked correctly with no discrepancy. Both the two compass are bit different from each other as one automatically display the right direction of plot while the other has to align it with the coloured tip of needle to find out North.
  • Pivotal compass has a rotating disc with written directions of East, West, North and South on it. Thus to calculate the accurate direction one has to go inside the house and stand in centre or middle of the plot with compass down. The pointers will show all the directions simultaneously.
  • Read Vastu Compass CorrectlyFloating compass is used differently as compared to pivotal. While using floating one has to stand in the centre of the plot with no magnetic or electromagnetic object nearby or in hand, wait till the needle of the compass settle down. Once the needle stop check out the coloured tip which shall always point towards North, when it does so you need to align the North marked N on the disc just directly below the needle. Other directions shall also get positioned by slowly moving the compass.
  • Make sure you do not carry mobile phone while determining directions through Vastu compass and the pointer of the directions shall be the same inside and outside the plot.
  • Variations can occur due to beams and columns which can be neglected and when it is said the plot faces East then it means entrance door is opening towards East and you face West.

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