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Vastu Directions For Decorative Items

Just like art of balancing energies in the house to keep inflow of positivity, we need to balance different source of elements that we get to our home in the form of decorative pieces. Decorative pieces such as antique objects, glass objects, electronic toys etc represent corresponding cosmic element and direction due to which it become important to place such decorative items in suitable direction.

Every decorative piece symbolize some element for which Vastu provide apt direction and placement in order to balance the energies because wrong placement can certainly affect health and well-being of inmates. Vastu tips for decorative items are as follows:
Vastu for Decorative Things
  • Decorative items such as antique things made of metal can be kept on Southern or Western wall.
  • Wooden objects including wooden almirah, cabinet, wooden vase or urn for decoration must be kept in South-east or North-west.
  • Designer and decorative pictures of God idols must not be incorporated on walls as it is considered inauspicious. Images and pictures of God in their proper form must be kept on Western wall facing East or on Southern wall facing North.
  • Water element decorative items such as water fountain, aquarium, or other designer items with water must be kept in North-east or North. It is also best to keep flowing water in the North-east as it enhances wealth.
  • Electronic items including telephone, mobile phones, video games, and other trendy items representing fire element must be kept in South-east only.
  • Glass objects must be placed in Northern or Eastern wall and crack glass decorative item must be disposed immediately.

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