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Keep the pile of clutter away to generate positive energy

Clutter is one of the potent reasons for negative energy and stress in Vastu as cluttered house block the path of positive energies around converting them and creating mess in our life. To nullify the negative energy and for general health & well being it is essential to de-clutter the stacks and pile that may find space on study table or other working furnishings!

Unnecessary books stacked in the rack and on study table, messy room with things here and there and pile of dust on books and furnishing is commonly visible at home but undoubtedly this is against Vastu principles. Vastu asserts to de-clutter house and possibly should take initiatives to clean every nook and corner to keep intact the energies that is responsible for good health & peace of inmates. Here are some points to be remembered according to Vastu to maintain good health and well-being of people:

Pile of Clutter
  • Clean the dirt collected on table, furnishing and books on the table for better concentration when studying.
  • Scrap irrelevant books from study table or just keep them aside because unnecessary clutter block positive energy thereby obstructs concentration.
  • Entrance of the house should be tidy and clean because entrance is the pathway which is important to be kept neat.
  • Toilet seats must always be shut down after using.
  • Leaked taps must be plugged as soon as possible as falling water from leaked taps symbolizes drain of money from house in any form.
  • While sleeping it is important to keep head towards South and feet towards North, another general rule for well-being is ensure that your feet points toward main door.

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