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Keep the front gate de-cluttered to reap riches of life

People say, one can get money only by the means of earning but Vastu say you can reap riches by de-cluttering your house front gate. Our front gate is the main gateway of happiness, pleasures and riches of life. The only thing which we have to learn is to believe on ancient science of Vastu which gives out laid norms to follow for happiness and all pleasures of life.

The concept of Vastu is universal having been revolving around core elements and natural directions which benefit every human being. By following Vastu principles we only connect ourselves with higher energy which is similar to connecting with the today's technology such as internet or using mobile phones to get our work done.

De-cluttered Front Door Vastu is not primitive, it is the belief or mind set that makes it primitive and with the awareness regarding Vastu our new generation has shown a positive response in carrying forward this ancient subject. Establishing a link between a higher energy that is the essence of life is not only useful but vital for every human.

As we log on to internet by using a password and username similarly our house front gate is a gateway to enter into a new world which gets us happiness and riches of life. Apparently keeping this area tidy is essential, especially North-east if ideal entrance is North or East and all the positive energies enter from here. Do not congest entrance door as this may block the path of energies and also do not load too many things near the entrance that can take time to bring down happiness.

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Vastu Shastra


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