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Vastu Tips for Water Resource

Vastu tips for septic tank, water resource
Water tanks are important in every house and most houses install tanks random in direction wherever it is suitable. However water tanks have their own place and direction where installation of water resource is consider ideal. Vastu tells some ideal directions to place water resource for better health, wealth and prosperity in house. Water is an important element in Vastu and if its placement is not accordingly then it creates problems for occupants.

According to Vastu North-east is the place for water resource but there are some conditions in which water has to be placed such as over-head tank and under-water tank. Both the tanks can be located here in the North direction but under some conditions of working which are:

Vastu Tips for Underground Water Tanks

Vastu for Water Resource
  • Underwater tank should be dug in North-east direction while before digging a sump draw an axis marking from North-east to South-west while both the sides right or left are apt for underwater tank. North-east is an important place in home which is held scared due to which it should be left vacant as much as possible and that is why underwater tank is recommended here. Avoid any water source/tank towards North-west or South-east.
Vastu Tips for Overhead Water Tanks
  • Over-head tank should be installed in South-west direction only because South is inauspicious corner of house where heavy things can be placed to equate the energies. Over-head tank in this direction balance energies to bring health, prosperity and all-round peace. Avoid over-head tank in North-east as it leads to unnecessary expenses and losses.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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