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Indian ritual has its own different way of increasing wealth and prosperity in business while some people's success is directed towards over-all growth and turnover of factories and retail outlets. Vastu is an integral part of Indian heritage and has been applied since ages in order to increase wealth and growth of business or improving employee and employer relationship in company.

Today again people have followed a path of ancient set of rules to construct or inaugurate their business and they wouldn't do any change without consulting a Vastu expert. Although some people belonging to old school of thought still rely on auspicious dates to construct their business while others follow Vastu doctrine to keep up their wealthy business.Vastu tips for Business Old practice can't be completely neglected as Vastu and customs are inter-related hailing from same core- ancient Vedas.

For flourished and over-all success of business Vastu suggests tying a string of gold and silver coins around the God of wealth for few days and then wearing it around the neck or placing it at the work place for flourishing business. You can also try the same by tying the string of gold and silver around Ganesh and Laxmi idol for a month or so then placing on the work place.

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Vastu Shastra


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