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Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu tips for wealth
Vastu and wealth is synonymous as one (Vastu) works well for the other (Wealth) and we can also say where things are according to Vastu wealth inflow will be unending. A Vastu compliment home can prosper you with good wealth. Wealth is the most important and essential priority in life and without money survival is impossible in all ways. To get an increase in your wealth, living place should be constructed with Vastu corresponding direction supportive for wealth.

For good wealth energies should be supportive at specific direction that can give a boost to your finances. Explore some important Vastu tips to increase wealth:
  • North is centre of Lord Kubera- God of wealth, so it is important to keep this direction energetic and positive so as to sustain good energies that help raise wealth.
  • Vastu Wealth TipsNorth-east or Eshaan corner must be freed from any construction and if possible construct worship room while if it is not then keep this place clean and open.
  • Blocking East and North can harness money flow and obstruct in your earning capacity thereby increasing expenses over wealth.
  • Our house is a temple and we can only benefit from this temple if it is kept clean. Therefore to trigger up finances it is essential to keep all the clutter away from house.
  • Ensure that your house front door and entrance is not obstructed by any pole, wire, pit or other thing.
  • To load your locker with wealth, do not construct over-head tank in North-east because it is the place for under-water tank.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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