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Effect of Cut in North-East Corner

Effect of Cut in North-East Corner - Vastu Shastra
North-east or Ishaan corner is the most significant and holy place in any plot or building which is also called place of God. Vastu held utmost importance for Ishaan corner and suggest constructing pooja room here in North-east while if this corner is found missed or cut from the plot then certainly inmates have to suffer. This sacred corner could be extended but if it is cut in the plot then the effects are detrimental leading to complications and chronic health problems.
  • Vastu says cuts in North-east basically effect upcoming generation or genetic system.
  • There is a probability that children born in house having North-east corner cut, are generally deaf and mute.
  • Effects of Cut in North-EastAlthough Vastu expert say, if the owner already have children occupies the house then inmates will not suffer the way a new couple can.
  • Effect of a cut in North-east also relies on how near the corner is to the plot.
  • However, children who grow up in such plot apparently face problem at the time of their own children in the form of physical deformity.
Always check the intensity of cut in North-east while heading towards purchasing a plot or existing house as it can cost life of your near and dear ones which is more precious than anything.

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