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Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting OM

Vastu defects are common in every house as no house is perfectly constructed according to Vastu set of rules. However Vastu recommend rules to nullify negative defects by either changing location or following some basic tips which is not always feasible to adopt and also demands money & time respectively. Sometimes it's hard to follow every Vastu rule embedded in Vastu and to resolve this there are measures that could be taken to discard all defects.

Measures that are more pronounced and easy can prove effective for occupants having with Vastu defects in house thereby help to harmonize environment. There are tools of Vastu available in market today which is called Vastu instruments and help clearing surrounding making it positive. Devices like Shri Yantra, Pyramid Yantra and energy plate are very effective remedial measures of Vastu to make home a peaceful and harmonize place and dissolves Vastu defects efficiently.Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting OM

Another best effort is chanting eternal mantras humming the sounds of OM and other holy mantras likewise are considered immensely effective in dissolving Vastu defects. Sound of eternal mantras create a cosmic shield over the Vastu defected zone and gradually dissolves it to provide harmonize place.

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