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Message by Dr. Smita: Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building. Like a human body, every house/office is a different study, hence it requires an expert to analyse it. Vastu Consultants are the doctors of buildings.

Vastu to Cease Accidents

Curative power of Vastu is not confined only to dwelling places of human instead it is valid in every sphere of life for instance to stop accidents. Vastu pyramids which are considered powerful objects that have been used since time immemorial in Egypt and now every where in the world. Pyramids are believed to emanate energies which help in ceasing accidents and heal various diseases.

The healing powers of Pyramids are never in skeptics or hidden from the world as the design structure of this create healing trap over the diseased structure. Earlier only diseases were cured with Pyramid power, however today Vastu for cease accidentthey are placed on the roads to cease unnecessary accidents. Pyramids need to be placed at quintessential direction in order to convert the negative energies prevailing on specific roads which cease accidents and other mishaps.

Energy pyramids convert the negative energies with their powerful shape and suppress presiding negative vibrations turning them favourable. Any structure formed in the shape of pyramid holds mystical healing powers that turn negative into positive.

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