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Effects of Directional Slopes

Slopes are significant & integral part of a plot and need proper consideration during the selection of Vastu plot. Vastu recommends building right slopes in correct direction for the benefit and justice in terms of riches, happiness and good health. Some slopes built in wrong direction where there should be equal level can be harmful for occupants and need to be corrected immediately after determination. Home directional slopes affect health, success and achievements of occupants which is why it becomes all the more important to construct slopes with Vastu principles.
  • Downward slope in the North-east direction of East is considered auspicious and must be consider.
  • Vastu for Directional SlopesFavourable directions such as East, North-east and North must have slopes outside the plot as per Vastu while just to the opposite unfavourable directions slope are suggested inside the plot.
  • Plots having downward slopes in East, North and North-east are considered auspicious and beneficial for people but downward slopes in South, South-east, and North-west are average for people while if the entire downward slope is towards North-east then occupants much benefit from it.
  • Downward slope in Eastward gives wealth, prosperity, name and success to the inmates while if the opposite then people have to bear problems like dishonour, failure in different spheres of life etc.
  • Downward slope in North-east is very auspicious and people may acquire unflinching success, wealth and peace of mind. Upward slope in this direction brings loss of wealth, poor health and failures in business.
  • If the plot is subjected to downward slope in West, occupants have to suffer from persistent illness, mental problem like depression and loss of wealth etc.
  • Upward slope in West yield positive results such as success, good wealth & health and spiritual progress.
  • Downward slope in North-west surely acquires enmity, accidents, theft and bad health. Upward slope in this direction is beneficial and people acquire success, wealth, move abroad and even venture into politics.
  • Downward slope in North gives good results to the people of house such as prosperity, wealth, and success. Upward slope here in the North leads to bankruptcy, depression and unrest etc.
  • Upward slope in South is considered good and beneficial in acquiring good health, peace of mind, wealth and riches.
  • Downward slope in South leads to loss of wealth, poor health, mental imbalance and poor health of women etc.
  • Upward slope in South-east is beneficial in many ways but less than South-west and downward slope in South-east is bad which brings health issues and financial problems at home.
  • Upward slope in South-west is considered best and results in wealth, prosperity, promotion, obedient children etc. However contrary to this downward slope leads to chronic disease, untimely death and involvement in escapades.

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