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Auspicious Slopes of Building in Vastu

Auspicious Slopes of Building in Vastu
Slope in building is common but they must be in suitable direction and any elevation or depression in wrong direction can lead to undesirable results in terms of bad health, loss of wealth, loss of name and many other complications. Ideal slope affects life, happiness and achievement of occupants while wrongly sloped buildings have adverse affect. Always examine the slope in building either you selecting for residential or commercial purpose.

  • Sites sloping towards East & North are considered auspicious in all way being the favourable directions they are always compatible with Vastu and give all-round prosperity and good health.
  • Slopes towards South and West are inauspicious and doesn't give any good result to the inmates.
  • Downward slope towards East is good for growth and development while slope in North provides with good wealth.
  • Any downward slope towards South leads to untimely death and severe health disease while slope towards West causes loss of wealth.
  • Land-slope towards North and North-east provides knowledge, wealth, health, and success.
  • In commercial complexes slope towards the directions of North, East, North-east and South-east are considered auspicious according to Vastu. Slopes in these direction gives inmate good results. But ensure that South-west part is elevated and North-east is lowest.
  • South-east slopes are good for commercial people dealing in hotels, restaurant, electrical appliances, bakery, generators and invertors. There must be no slope in the centre of commercial or residential buildings as they are considered inauspicious and contribute to undesirable affects.

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