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Shapes, Plots and Their Consequences

Rectangular Plot

Rectangular plot is auspicious in the ratio of 1:2 and if the length is facing North and breadth is facing West then the inmates reap rich benefits from the plot in terms of health, wealth and prosperity.
Rectangular shape

Square plot

Square plot having with equal length and width is always ideal plot for any type of construction. This type of plot bestows inmate's all-round success and harmony.

Gaumukhi Shape

Gau-mukhi plot

Gau-mukhi plot is one which is narrow from the front area and broad at the back. This type of plot is very auspicious for residential purpose and bestows good health, wealth and prosperity.

Shermukhi Shape

Sher-mukhi plot

Sher-mukhi plot contrary to gau-mukhi is just opposite broad from front and narrow at the back. This type of plot is not considered good option for residences but can be used for commercial construction.

Oval/circular/elliptical plot

Oval/circular/elliptical plot are irregular shapes in plots which are not considered good for any purpose and people living on such type of plots never flourish.

Plots having four or more sides

Plots having four or more sides such as hexagon, pentagon and octagon must be avoided for anyway as they tend to bring bad luck for inmates.

Plots having cut corner from either side are not considered good as they are not appropriate for construction both according to Vastu and science.

Plots having a cut off from North-east corner are inauspicious to buy, thus avoid it. According to Vastu North-east is scared share of a site which should be kept clean & unobstructed and receives maximum morning sunlight therefore if this part is cut off or occupied by other then occupants have to suffer.

Plots having Extension in the North/East is ideal for construction of any kind of building. Any projection or extension in North/East part of plot is good as sunlight peeps from these direction while if these directions are extended then there can be more space to receive morning sunlight without obstruction.

Plots having extension towards South-east, North-west or South-west are not good for building as they receive harmful rays of sun leading to warming up the area.

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