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Irregular Shape of plot can be malefic for industry

Whether it is industry or residential property shape of plot is essential to be ascertain but industries running through huge investments need to be cautious more on shape terms. It has been observed in industrial areas especially in backward slots that shapes of factories are irregular or sometimes important places are kept vacant.

Irregularity in shape of industry can be enormously troublesome for business most probably when unit locates towards the North and South or simply West is vacant or there is tubewell or underwater tank in the Centre or South. A multi-crore industry can go in tragic incident if the shape of its building is incorrect or there is wrong construction at the direction.

Irregular Shape of Plot Vastu has significant place for shape of building and any house or industry constructed against this norm may find itself in havoc or misfortune unknowingly or knowingly. It is always recommended to go with precautionary rules of Vastu before commencing construction work for industry.

Correct shape can fetch riches, success and inflow of wealth easily without any obstruction while a wrongly made industry risks for fatal accident of employees or can see problems like loss of wealth over the time. Even techno-experts might not be able to discern such defects which only Vastu has a reason because technology is not always useful. Therefore irregular shape is a defect in Vastu which needs to be corrected for flourishing industry and to avoid camouflages!

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