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Are Vastu norms alike for Home and Office?

Are Vastu norms alike for Home and Office?
Vastu parameters are always alike for home and office while it may differ on different terms in factories or industries. The only difference is in activity which needs attention yet basic parameters on which Vastu principles based are same in home and office. To exemplify, in home master bedroom is needed to be placed in South-west quadrant likewise in office CEO's and other high post officers should be seated in South-west corner.

  • South-west quadrant is important part of home and for better control over members of house master bedroom is advised to be located in this direction. Likewise, in office same norms are applied and people on higher post including CEO are provided with a cabin in South-west for better control and decision taking ability.
  • It is advised to have regular shape furnishing at home, similarly in office cabins regular shape desk and tables are recommended. Any irregular or corners cut-off tables or odd number walls must be avoided.
  • Facing North while studying, eating is recommended and it is also consider ideal to face North or East while sitting in office at the work table. The reason being North and East are favourable directions which help enlighten the world with positive energies and rejuvenate us to give our best.
  • Facing North while working is recommended for people working in fields like finance, accounts or any investment services.

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