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Vastu Tips for Personality Development

Vastu tips for personality development
Vastu of house not makes occupants happy and content but can also affect our personality either by deteriorating or enhancing. People may wonder as how directions can lead to personality development, however specific direction of Vastu certainly adds positivity in our persona and gradually developing the personality overall.

Vastu for Personality Development The influence of direction like North-east which is an allotted place for Water due to having natural moving characteristics it helps people to take upon this special feature into their personality. In such a way many other directions having different characteristics is usually taken away by people residing in corresponding place. Every direction is characterized which it tends to instill in people coming in contact with the place.
  • One should avoid sleeping or living in South-east as this place been given to Fire element and known for aggression & stubbornness.
  • East or North-east is good for children study room as it makes them develop their skills to the par progressively.
  • For over all success and knowledge make your children study facing East or north-east because this place is scared and renders mental strength, determination and knowledge.
  • Kitchen in South-east is considered ideal because this place is governed by element Fire and incorporating gas stove in this direction help occupants towards the success and progress. When fire is given its place, the outcome directly is positive leading to inmate's development.
  • South-West is governed by element Earth attributed with stability and firmness. Therefore people residing in this portion develop confidence with firmness in their personality.
  • North-west renders its residing inmates with leadership quality, expressive communication and ability to analyze.

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