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Glaring and Naked Lights Affect Efficiency

Glaring and Naked Lights
Good light is needed to everybody but how will you feel if naked glaring bulb is lit in your room that may make you irritable and sleepless. Naked bulbs that are lit in many houses just because they cost less in compare to soothing lights then you must wake up, because a study conducted by lighting company concludes that glaring bulbs are responsible for insomnia and nervousness.

  • Glaring lights are said to spread light pollution due to which people have to suffer from insomnia, nervousness, irritation and nausea in severe cases. Glare is light pollution and if your lights glare instead diffusing proper light, then do not forget to change them or just cover them but never light naked bulbs.
  • Glaring light affect efficiencyGlaring lights affect efficiency while you see ceiling lights have soothing affect as they glow with good affect making the ambience lively.
  • Do not light any naked bulb in rooms especially in bedroom. If you have any naked light then ensure that you cover it.
  • Main entrance of house should suppose to be well lighted & bright not glaring. Avoid any naked bulb near the entrance as it can make people return back from their destination.
  • You can place a miniature of Ganesha with bright light on the main door.
  • Naked bulbs only affect our efficiency to work due to excess light that may interrupt in our work making us irritable.

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