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Rest your children at apt place to get them married soon

Vastu Shastra
Indian believes in ancient wisdom that marriages are being decided in heaven so as soulmate. But Vastu has its own profound norm that says marriages can also be made & rejoiced on earth. Marriage of children at suitable age is what every parent wants and desire. Vastu apparently suggests parent to give their unmarried girls North-west room but what about boys!

Well unmarried boys have also allotted suitable place so that they get a good soulmate soon in life. Parents are seen curious regarding their children's marriage and could add any positive thing to get their son a sweet wife. Thus it is ideal to place your son's bedroom in East but avoid South-west or North-west section of house for unmarried boys as it can delay marriage bells.

Marriageable children Other charming thing that you can add to amplify chances of marriage of your son is wooden wind chime outside the east window. It is also believed that placing a pair of sunflowers just left side of the bed and mirror on the right side is auspicious enhances chances of marriage but make sure mirror don't come in front of bed reflecting bed's image. Keeping an image of Shiva Parvati under the pillow or mattress is also considered effective remedy for early marriage.

Vastu Shastra


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