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Bedroom Mirror

Mirrors play a significant part in our lives and can have drastic effect in changing lives. The placement of mirror in bedroom/room should be according to Vastu norms so that spouse residing in the room should have good conjugal relationship and children studying in the room should concentrate well on studies. We believe or not but glass and mirror effect our lives in most potent way and this make it important that we handle mirror and glass objects carefully with prior knowledge.

There are some best permissible directions in which mirror can be placed without a hitch to avoid any mishappenings in the relationships and behaviour. Placement of mirror should be in accordance with Vastu norms to reap the good benefits. Here are some essential tips & norms attached to the placement of mirror or glass:

Bedroom Mirror
  • All types of mirror at home should only be placed on the walls of North or East direction.
  • Do not keep any kind of glass piece or other shinning thing at the main gate.
  • Glass or mirror should never be kept in the East facing and ensure that light from other people place do not fall on your home or office. This type of falling light is inauspicious for occupants that can harm their success and riches.
  • Glass decorative pieces, show piece, aquarium and wall clock and other such things must be installed in the East or North direction.
  • All the things related to glass or mirror in bedroom or dressing room should be kept at the height of 4 to 5 feet. Mirror in bedroom should be placed in such a way that the bed or image of person standing out would not be visible in the mirror.
  • Window panes and doors of house must not be transparent.
  • Television and home theatre must be restored in the South-east direction only and when they are off keep them veiled so that mirror of their screen is not visible. Unveiled monitor or screen of television tends to make inmates lethargic.
  • A dressing table with huge mirror standing by the side of bed is considered good but if itís lying in front of bed reflecting our body or image then it is inauspicious.
  • In childrenís room toiletry mirror should not be hanged near study table as it interferes with childrenís concentration; beside that avoid hanging any kind of mirror in West direction especially in children room which makes it rather impossible to concentrate and feeling like impressing opposite sex is higher than concentration on studies.
  • South wall mirror should also be avoided as it tends to make children stubborn and rebellious.

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