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Believe in what you see, not because it is a custom somewhere

Vastu Shastra
People tend to believe everything they hear but not see which is exactly opposite to the ancient wisdom which says- you reap what you sow! How can you expect apples from sugarcane plantation? Such is the case with us, people hear or read something from somewhere particularly in magazine or online and try to follow it.

But hardly have they reaped benefits from such things, for instance it is a belief that keeping three coins tied in red band in wallet enhances wealth and gives success. The logic behind such convention is that even if you follow other country's belief make sure coins should be Indian rather than Chinese or other.

Similar norm is also applied to other country's as well; if you are there ensure that you use particular place currency. The thing to remember and consider is that- vibration behind any symbol or custom is directly proportional to the consciousness surround it.

Just like in china where three-legged frog has significance, in India idol of Ganesha is considered auspicious. Likewise every religion has some sacred symbol closet to heart; therefore to follow some norm which has become fad of the town is not a right path unless you see through your ways. To enhance your chances of success and attaining good wealth it is ideal to take full knowledge rather following blindly.

Vastu Shastra


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