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Affects of North-West Facing Plots

Affects of North-West Facing Plots
North-west is aesthetically known as governing place of Vayu, whose surviving attributes are that of constant change. This significant direction renders the occupants fame and success while any extension in North-west should be avoided. North-west has more significance for women as this corner is readily related to women development, marriage and health.

North-west plots are considered good for women members, next generation and for high social status. The governing Lord Vayu renders good name and publicity to the occupants of this plot teaming up with good health and wealth. However North-west direction is not enough as there are many things that have to be considered before purchasing it. The overall orientation of plot has to be determined to make up mind for having such plot.
Affects of North-West Plot
  • North-west help women inmates to gain high social status and lead the masses.
  • North-west facing plots are good for children to be born and help ease delivery in women whereas any defect in this direction can lead to abortion and other mishaps in women.
  • This direction should be constructed according to Vastu rules so as to have good effects on occupants. Wrong construction of specific part of section in North-west can bring misfortune like abortion, miscarriage and bring bad name etc.
  • It is advisable for young and marriageable girls to be rest in North-western room so as to get married soon.
  • Avoid any extension in North-west corner as the people residing in this corner travels more often or sometimes remain out for longer time.
  • Extensions in North-west also lead to uneven loss of wealth, migration and sufferings.
  • North-west room is good for new couple and their children provided if the family has elder people. While if the couple is the only elder in family then they can take South-west which is the corner of owner.
  • To attain peace, prosperity and health North-west corner should be utilized efficiently and no kitchen or under-water tank should be constructed here.

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