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Do not Leave South-West Portion Unoccupied

South-west corner is said to be most powerful and stable corner which according to Vastu should not be left unoccupied. This corner is being suggested for the placement of master bedroom and in office premise CEO's chamber. This area also happens to the region of firm relationship and bonding, therefore Vastu advices not to leave this portion empty. Anything including painting, artifact or light should be placed here if no room is built in South-west.
  • For strong relationships South-west part should be occupied by owner of house.
  • Marriageable daughters should never occupy this area as it obstructs in their marriage prospects.
  • Married couples can take this room provided if they don't have elder their family. For such couples South-west room is mandatory being the owner in family.
  • If room in this direction is not possible, then incorporating any object or lively thing like enchanting painting or artifact is best option.
  • If South-west zone is happens to be living room, then it is ideal to keep your walls occupied with impressive paintings and other things but don't keep monotonous pictures.
  • Avoid images and pictures that depict war, agony, loneliness, evil and crime.

Vastu Shastra


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