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Vastu Says Haunted Houses Don't Exists

Vastu for haunted house
We often hear people blowing rumours about haunted house that may be lying vacant from decades or so and any phenomena they attribute as presence of some soul. Vastu asserts there is no such thing like supernatural phenomena or presence of soul exists unless you don't see through eyes and calling a place haunted is stereotypical viewpoint. Some people seek assistance of tantriks and exorcists to get away such problem so that the place becomes normal to live again.
  • According to Vastu, serious Vastu defects in a house or building result in such phenomena due to which people call it haunted house.
  • Vastu says haunted house don't existsVastu defects in South and North creates imbalance in the place that result in movement of objects, falling of stones and fire etc.
  • Identifying such things as some supernatural phenomena is absurd and fake because no one has seen devil and eventually science also discards the existence of devil (soul of departed person) in vacant house.
  • Vastu says when forces in the negative sector become very strong, and then things move in opposite direction which appears to be some inexperienced phenomena.
  • Abandoning such houses is not a solution as such phenomena is due to serious and extreme Vastu dosha which need to be corrected to get back to life.

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