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Vastu for Love Tips

Vastu tips for love
Vastu plays a vital role in enhancing love bond between couples and making their love eternally strong. Vastu as some wonder is confined to home and its orientation; however Vastu is prevalent and useful in every sphere of life and can be used in any respect. According to Vastu, couples should follow some significant steps related to direction and position of things in order to enrich their life with lots of love and happiness. Here read out some important love tips to strengthen nuptial bonds:
  • Avoid T-shape plots for the building of house, as such shape houses divert the positive energies leading to conflict in couples.
  • Couples should take South-west bedroom as the owner of house, because South-west is the dominant corner where only owner must be positioned and this direction also helps sustaining good understanding among partners.
  • Keep your home clutter free to maintain the good energies inside the house.
  • Paint your room with light colours instead dark shades.
  • Make sure your bedroom is in regular shape such as square or rectangle.
  • Mattress on the bed should always be single.
  • Avoid any exposed mirror in couple's room.
  • To keep the ambience of room relaxing and positive, put fresh flowers in urn.
  • Wife should always sleep in left side of husband.
  • Do not block the corners of room with junk and clutter.
  • Ensure that couple's room is proper lighted as improper lighting can be hazardous for relationships.
  • Wife should always sleep in the left of husband for smooth and loving relationship.
  • Add more of red colour in bedroom such as light, red quilt, drapes for momentary period.
  • Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace and tranquility and understanding in relationships.

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