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Vastu to Enhance Concentration & Knowledge

Vastu tips to enhance concentration
Concentration and knowledge is among things which everybody wants to enhance to succeed in life while in today's world most of us suffer from low or poor concentration and half knowledge. Although any body can suffer from low concentration and poor knowledge because with the advancement of technology we usually get distracted which affect our minds thereby weakening our concentration & knowledge.

Vastu can help people to enhance concentration and knowledge as the principles of Vastu are universal in nature affecting every nook relative to life. To enrich knowledge and enhance concentration Vastu advices to follow simple tips:
Enhance Knowledge and Concentration
  • Make sure you always face North or East while studying as both are favourable directions that help enhancing concentration.
  • Keep a glass full of water near your desk when studying or working as Vastu says it helps maintain concentration.
  • Keep a crystal onto the study or working desk.
  • Ensure that your surroundings are clutter free & tidy because Vastu asserts that to enhance concentration level and knowledge keep the desk etc dust free.
  • It is advisable to keep the colour tones light.
  • Maximum windows should in the East or North and minimum or no in West or South. If there are windows in South or West then close them.
  • Do not keep mobile phone or other electromagnetic objects near you when studying or sleeping as they distract our concentration much more than anything.

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