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Nutrients that can boost children's immunity

Kids are the most vulnerable to infections due to the weak immunity during the changing season. Human immune system is almost easily attacked by the micro-organisms if the proper care is not taken to strengthen the immunity of body. Most probably children are their main target who gets various ailments like cough, cold, nausea and stomach aches due to the compromised immune system.

Though winters have knocked the door and soon it will arrive with whole range of infections and diseases. Even adults are not missed from the invasion of micro-organisms that lead to sickness and fatigue. So this is the time when we need to think what quality of food you can give to your children so as to boost up their immunity against infection in different season.

Here are some frequent and basic tips which can strengthen your children's immune system by keeping your family healthy and joyful.

Hygiene for kids
  • Kids hygiene is utmost important in everything they touch either it is food or toy. Make sure children wash their hands before eating and vice versa.
  • Immune system works against pathogens and other microorganisms, thus food that provide sufficient nutrients and defend the body must be given to the children.
  • Avoid staple food, fast food and soft drinks for children as they may weaken their immunity rendering them to get sick very often.
  • Things must be done in accordance with children needs assuring all kind of hygiene.
These habits are only making us hollow from inside and responsible for downfall of health. Other than these factors the exposure to environment and unhealthy conditions created by pollution and fertilizers used in crops has proved to be one of the most crucial factors of toxins.

Vegetables and fruits for health
  • To boost up their energy level and immunity children must be given balanced diet full of regular nutrients such as vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits contain needed ingredients which help in combat with diseases.
  • Citrus fruits contain antioxidants and a good source of Vitamin C. These fruits are natural immunity boosters that work to promote healing process in the body. Citrus fruits include oranges, tangerines, amla and lemon.
  • Strawberry is another immunity booster and can be found in any season. It is good source of Vitamin A and C, also possess anti-oxidant properties. Anti-oxidants basically rescue our body against free radicals and general infection. Anti-oxidants can be given with oatmeal, white-yogurt and cold cereals etc.
  • Broccoli is a good source of beta-carotene and vitamin C and helps in fighting against cancerous cells also reduces the risk of cardiac attacks. It is a basic vegetable that can be given in any form boiled, roasted or cooked with other vegetables. Apart from providing important ingredients to the body broccoli is a rich source of fibers that makes the digestive tract healthy.
  • Carrot a source of Vitamin A is an important ingredient for strengthening the children's immunity and protects them from various ailments.
Immunity enhancing herbs
  • Herbs are the best remedy for healthy body. If your child suffers from frequent cold and cough just try some natural herbs such as ginger, Echinacea and oregano.
  • Herbs may help your child to fight back with nasty cold and other symptoms of cough, fever and nausea.
  • Astragalus is a known herb which is used traditionally to increase immunity and promote vitality.
  • Licorice is another wonderful herb to boost up immune system in children as its tincture is useful in fighting against severe infections and bacteria.
  • Goldenseal and ginseng is potent immune boosting natural herbs.

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