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Can Vastu Shastra improve health and relationships?

Can Vastu Shastra improve health and relationships?

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the design and layout of living spaces can affect a person's health and relationships. Following are some of the ways in which Vastu Shastra has an impact on health and relationships:

The placement of furniture, objects or the utilities within a space such as kitchen, toilet, staircase etc. has an impact on a person's physical and mental health. It is not only restricted to the placement of utilities but the shape of the structure also plays a critical role. For example, sleeping with the head facing the south or east promotes good health, while placing a mirror facing the bed is believed to cause health problems. Placements of the utilities in the wrong direction such as kitchen in the North-East directly leads to health issues. There are many wrong arrangements that can directly lead to health problems or good health.

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According to Vastu Shastra, relationship issues majorly arises when family members occupy the wrong room. There are some set rules that need to be followed such as the bread-winner of the family should always occupy the South-West room, and children should never occupy a room in this direction. The best direction for kids’ room is North, East, or North-East. The design and layout of a living space also has an impact on person's relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. For example, the location of the kitchen and the placement of the dining table can impact family relationships, while the placement of a person's work desk can impact relationships with colleagues.

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Vastu is not a matter of personal belief or experience. Whether someone believes in Vastu Shastra or not, it silently plays its role and respective outcome is evident.

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