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Message by Dr. Smita: Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building. Like a human body, every house/office is a different study, hence it requires an expert to analyse it. Vastu Consultants are the doctors of buildings.

Improve Your Relationship Through Vastu

Vastu Tips Healthy Relationships

Vastu Tips to Improve RelationshipWhy some people feel uncomfortable while walking into a home for no apparent reason and others enjoy coming back to home. Most of us are not aware of the impacts of our surroundings on us. Often we know that there is disharmony, stress, discontent, arguments, but how many of us realize that the underlying causes could come from our environment.

Every individual is different in nature, so maintaining loving relationship within a family is a challenge. How do we ensure that the families remain happy together? This can be done by adhering to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

  • De-cluttering is very important for a steady relationship as clutter obstructs the flow of positive energy.
  • One must throw the non usable things to maintain the flow of positive energy.
  • The bedroom should be planned in Southwest direction to enhance the relationships.
  • One should always sleep with head towards South for a blissful relationship.
  • The bedroom should not be left in dark, it should be well lit Avoid using dark colours on the bedroom wall.
  • Always have a perfect square/rectangle shaped bed.
  • Use a single mattress in the bedroom.
  • The bed should never be placed between doors.
  • Avoid having mirrors in the bedroom.
  • The bed should never be placed in front of the mirror.
  • The worship place should never be planned in the bedroom.
  • The door of the attached bathroom should always be kept shut.
  • The kitchen plays a major role in determining the relationship in a family. Place gas and sink in the kitchen apart at a maximum distance apart.
  • If you put any artifact/ pillows, always put it in pair.
  • Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace and tranquility and understanding in relationships.
  • Place fresh flowers instead of dead dried /artificial flowers.

Make your surroundings a better place to live in.
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