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Weather affects the mood

Weather creates mood and makes people fall in love with the surroundings. It has been seen with the time people go happy with changes in season such as joy in winters and rainy season while soaring aggression during scorching summers. Psychiatrist from centuries has theorized about the effect of climate on human beings. There is no doubt that nature and its changes alleviates or facilitates certain human moods and behaviours.

It is always nice to see the weather effect after the gushing rains, intoxicating with the fragrance of raindrops on the parched earth. A renowned psychiatrist from New Delhi says, at times the day you spend depends solely on the weather conditions. Unpleasant climate makes people down and dejected. Due to this some people suffer from a disorder called SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Summers soars the aggression

Though people wait for summers to appear so as to flaunt their new summer attire and feel the chill of AC's. However, most studies have shown that 'heat' is the biggest irritant for people. People get aggressive as the mercury rises and so as the hostility in the cities. Reports have shown number of road rages and other escapades in summers than in winters.

We have considered some past events occurred in soaring summers:
  • The riots in 79 US cities between 1967 and 1971 were more likely occurred on hot days than on cool days.
  • According to statistical data, in rising mercury Houston and Texas violent crimes increases.
  • Drivers without car AC honk unnecessary.
These were just the glance of past events; another researcher came out with report of violent acts that include rape, murder and assault. Generally heat causes aggression, frustration and triggers the hostility among people. Today not only hooligans are committing such violent crimes instead some youths are involve in it. The reason could be seasonal aggression or petty mistake on the others part.

Need to take chill pill

  • Hot minded people who are more prone to get aggressive must sit in ventilated room with less people. This can make a difference.
  • Resist the urge to shout on petty matters and understand the effect of heat so that you may not lose your temper.
  • Drink lot of water and cooling drinks like sharbets, juices and other home made delights.
  • Spend time outside during the rising summers which can improve moods.

Winters mood

It has been noted that some people suffers from weird problem of getting depressed in chilly winters when the temperatures dips down and sky is overcastted. There could be no reason for this kind of experience but few people feel lethargy, melancholic and depressed in winters.

This problem is not epidemic and can never be as this was just the darker side of few people. Truth is that winters make most people cheerful to enjoy the icy-winds and darker clouds. This is why drivers don't honk much on red lights, crime rates diminish subsequently.

The other truth of winters is that people do feel lazy and fatigued due to cozy ambience inside rooms and the effect of going out makes them more lethargic. People suffering from seasonal affective disease (SAD) are more likely to go in depression with the onset of winter or other season. The symptoms of winter depression include fatigue, decreased activity and loss of interest in physical act, overeating and weight gain. Persons who are vulnerable to depression are prone susceptible to SAD.

Bashing winter blues
  • Avoid cozy bed and do not over sleep that tends to make lethargy.
  • Take regular morning walk and ensure an exercise schedule.
  • Do not stay indoors for longer periods and brightly lit your rooms.
  • Avoid taking alcohol, sedatives in winter for mild headaches or fever.
  • Make up yourself and socialize smartly with peoples to have fun.

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