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The wireless technology: How safe?

Wi-fi a trend or malediction

Wi-fi technology has become life blood of every person today, as many gadgets which have come are wireless. Technology is advancing and the way it is advantageous for us, in the same way it is hazardous for human beings in many ways. Many countries are now banning or reducing the use of Wi-fi technology. Earlier only workplaces were full Wi-fi objects but today homes and schools are making use of wireless systems. Children's are exposed to the risk of harmful radiations which ultimately can lead to cancer and other severe diseases.

Understanding the hazards

Noting this French government has warned of health risks on using mobiles cautioning against excessive use of mobile phones by children. French government warning follows from a survey done by UK health protection agency who warned the children to discard the use of mobile phones and wireless laptops as the radiations emitted by these wireless technology is leading to tumors and cancers in human beings.

Vastu & good health are synonyms

Though there is no harm in using computers and mobile phones, but there is a need to have proper scientific logical knowledge which is only communicated to limited number of people. This knowledge must reach maximum public so that if the use can not be stopped, at least some measures could be taken to avoid hazardous risks.

Studies have shown that Vastu and good health are interconnected. Our earth emits effective radiations and bad radiations as well. The harmful radiations are due to the presence of ores underneath, underground streamline and the rocks lying in parallel assignment.

These bad radiations in a house can give negative vibrations which could create a severe health risk. Sometimes this negativity could be fatal to anybody's life. Cancer, tumor, respiratory problems are common among those people who were not conscious of the Vastu and the risk of handling Wi-fi technology.

Few tips of Vastu science

There are some effective general Vastu tips which could render you positive and healthy vibes from harmful radiations emit by your wireless systems:
  • Avoid electric fields in your bedroom and floor, which will give you a peaceful sleep at night.
  • Do not sleep with your mobile phones under your pillow, as these wireless objects would interferes with your working and mental ability.
  • One should not have any televisions, music systems, laptops in the bedroom.
  • Always shut down all your electronic gadgets from main switch.
  • Building material with no or little radioactivity must be used.
  • We should not disturb the earth's natural magnetic field.
  • Man made electro magnetic radiation should be eliminated or reduced.
  • Never put the mobile in the left shirt pocket near heart as its harmful radiations have adverse effect on the blood circulation.
Vastu is not against any scientific & technical developments but the way humans are using them without knowing its ill effects. Science & Vastu are two sides of the same coin but there is a fine line between their applications.

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