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Vastu Advice for Bed

Vastu Advice for Bed
Bed is an important furnishing item where we always need to carry out different activities apart from sleeping. This essential furnishing item has to be with accordance to Vastu in order to get sound sleep and keep stress & tension at bay. We probably spend 6-8 hours on our bed while sleeping, resting or doing various activities, so it become necessary to get a specific Vastu bed for making your activities meaningful.

Our bed surrounds all negative and positive energies which makes us sensitive and perhaps gives us stress and tension if it is negative. Negative energy around bed is generally produced by metal bed and metal or leather storage under the bed. Bed in Vastu should be such that it gives you peaceful sleep after tiresome day and keep you away from all problems. Some tips for bed Vastu are:
Bed Vastu
  • Bed should always be purchased in irregular shape.
  • Avoid any kind of storage bed while you can for simple bed without storage.
  • If there is any storage in your bed, avoid storing metal items and leather objects.
  • Beds are best to be purchased in wood material while metal or wrought iron beds should not be purchased.
  • Bed should never touch the ground and ensure that bed is positioned at a distance of 3 inches from wall.
  • Avoid any mirror or glass on bed.
  • There should not be any scrap material stored in bed's headboard.
  • Bed should not make creaky noise when sleeping or sitting.

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