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Vastu Tips for Electronic Industry

Vastu for electronic industry
Steel industry is another important industry having highest turnover because steel is used in everything today from doors to utensils and from toys to furnishings. Some steel manufacturers doing well while others have seen with facing persistent problem in terms of success, manufacturing and money. Many times production profiles need to be procrastinated and factory faces labour problem on and off.

Steel manufacturing is done mainly through open hearth process where raw iron is converted into steel in huge furnace with immense supply of heat. Gradually following few more steps, best steel is produced and which is require to be installed at proper place for dispatch. Vastu recommends applying rules in this crucial industry to follow the natural process of production without any harness and obstruction.

Vastu tips for steel industry pertaining to production, machines, shape and layout are as follows:
  • Ensure that the shape of production plot is regular as irregular shape plot can bring problems of inevitable accidents and shortening of labour etc.
  • North-eastern part of factory must be kept open and free from any material while if possible install a water resource here.
  • Raw material must be stocked strictly in the South-western zone of industry and they must be moved on the production from South to North.
  • High heat furnaces must be constructed or installed in the South-eastern quadrant.
  • Liquid steel that is being sent to rolling mills must be placed in Western part of industry in the fashion of West to East.
  • Finished steel content must be kept in West of North-west as this direction give transit strength. This steel can also be stored along the Southern or Western lines.
  • Keep a water body in East or North-eastern zone for smooth working of industry.

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