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Vastu Tips for Home Temple

Vastu tips for home temple
Temple is an integral part of Indian homes and most of the homeowner takes this precaution of keeping things in line with Vastu. Vastu lays down specific rules and norms regarding home temple because if it is constructed in wrong place, then inmates will not benefit from the veneration. To make your veneration and pooja effective for god's endless and constant blessings build your pooja room at proper and Vastu compliant place.

Home temple should be designed properly and cautiously as temples are not the matter of sacredness but they relate us our emotions with God and cosmos. Therefore to get positive vibrations and benefits from pooja, home temple should be conducive to Vastu. Some Vastu tips for home temple are:
Vastu for Home Temple
  • Temple should be placed higher so that God feet must come to the level of devotee's chest.
  • Keeping God's idol which is more than 10 inches is considered inauspicious.
  • Always keep some insulation while praying or sitting in the temple such as mat or carpet.
  • Home temple is ideal in wood while marble constructed temples are also considered appropriate.
  • Wooden temples should always have dome at the top.
  • Do not keep temple on the floor directly because this means disrespect of Gods. Always lay some foundation before keeping the temple on it.
  • Dia in the temple should be lit in South-east.
  • Do no keep late ancestor's picture in home temple because this way we only disrespecting God and cosmos.
  • Home temple should be ideally placed in North-east corner which is also known as Ishaan corner and alternative is East which means placing in East facing West.
  • source: - Copyright Dr. Smita Narang

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