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Vastu Tips for Multistory Buildings

Vastu tips for multistoried buildings
In today's scenario people are failing to get land for independent house or those who has it either converting into multi-story building or flats due to scarcity of place. Multi-storey building can be anything from commercial place to official but they can't be constructed as per Vastu rules in all sense. Residential house can be easily be made with Vastu set of rules while it is difficult to built multi-storey building Vastu comply due to different structure and less space. Builders usually utilize each and every nook to built small space in multi-storey which is sometimes opposite to Vastu principles.

Vastu compliant buildings prove to be successful and famous however due to dearth of space in multi-storey buildings it is difficult to have everything according to Vastu. But still there are some basic Vastu rules pertaining to infrastructure that can be followed up to discard or overcome negative effects that may arrive in multi-storey building. Vastu for Multistoried Building
  • Choose rectangular or square plot to construct multi-storey building.
  • Entrance of building should be made in East or North.
  • There should be much more space towards North-east while here playground or lawn can be constructed to use the space properly.
  • North-east in multi-storey building should be sloped while South-west portion should be raised.
  • Avoid planting huge trees just near the multi-storey building but they can be planted at some distance.
  • Avoid any obstruction in the entrance gate of multi-storey building.
  • Under-water tank or borewell should be constructed in North-east while over-head tank can built in South-west.
  • Dumping room or store room for waste materials must be made in South-west.
  • Toilets in multi-storey building must be made in North-west or West.
  • Bathroom can be constructed in North-east or North-west but make sure water drainage from bathroom is made in North-east.
  • Rooms in the multi-storey building made facing East so that morning sunlight rays falls in the room.
  • Stairs in multi-storey building must be made in South or West portion.
  • Open patio or balcony must be given in East or North.
Vastu Consultation of multistoried buildings involves a thorough analysis. We will provide you with following details.
  • Proper location of the flat regarding adjoining flats.
  • The exteriors and facing of the flat.
  • The location of the beams
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the rooms
  • The direction & placement of the furniture
  • The direction & placement of the lift
  • The direction & placement of the overhead water tank
  • The direction & placement of the swimming pool
  • The direction and placement of the electrical equipment like generators
  • The direction and placement of the stairs

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