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Vastu Shastra
Regular course

In this regular Vastu course there will be two levels which will acquaint them with the basic aspects of Vastu shastra. The first level is for beginners which are 12 hour course and these hours will be divided on regular basis.

The second level is an advance course in Vastu and a one month course where 2 hour class will be taken on alternate days. All the students receive free course material in the classes.


We are specialized in Vastu consultancy and education industry. We often organize our seminars and workshops in different zones of Delhi and NCR, considering the number of interested students. These workshops are for those people who acknowledge this ancient science & want to get a brief knowledge to minimize the negative effects in their homes. There are various institutes and colleges who frequently invite us to take short workshops in their premises. These workshops are either on commission basis or solely students pay.

In these classes we provide our students with refreshment from a known bistro and free Vastu booklet.


In correspondence course, we generally send our registered candidates the whole course material including postal charges in the course fee. All the interested candidates are required to write your full name, authentic address, and e-mail id's so that the course material will reach on time.

Online course

We will soon be introducing our E-learning Vastu course where we shall mail the students, the course chapters weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly as per the module, and online exam will also be taken at the end of course duration.

Special courses

Vastu for housewives

Vastu course for house wives include the various minimal things which they can use in their homes as necessity. They will be taught things pertaining to vastu, which could be easily, apply by them at their living places. These basic things shall be color therapy-what color they must select for their different room, and some careful things to take care according to vastu. First ten enrolled ladies will get house evaluation free of cost. The duration for these special classes shall be for 2 to 3 hours. Some useful things which you can learn from our workshops are as follows:
  • How can you maintain family's good health.
  • Different color therapy.
  • About kids and their studies.
  • Proper directions of petty things to keep in house.
  • For better home environment.
Vastu for corporate

Vastu Shastra for corporate is usually a 2 hour workshop which will familiar them with simple measures to maintain peace, prosperity and stability. There are some very common things which corporate employees must look out for. In these workshops we will be teaching them all the fair deal important Vastu Shastra tips. Our free vastu tips booklet shall be provided to all. Corporate workers can learn various ways of:
  • Better concentration
  • Success
  • Improving clientele
  • Wealth improvisation through different measures
  • Earning fame
Vastu for architects/ interior designers

There will be one day workshop for architects and interior designers. This workshop is beneficial for them as this little knowledge of vastu would make their real art more appreciable. Interior designing is all about designing the rooms, colors, flooring, and decorating with antique and different things. Vastu will be an additional advantage to their skill. Our renowned interior designer and now a vastu expert Dr Smita shall personally be meeting the first come first ten people and they will be given free instruments of vastu. As architect/interior designing is correlated with vastu in a big way, therefore vastu can teach them number useful things like:

  • The needful instruments used in vastu
  • Soil testing
  • Learning vastu in 3 parts- vastu of whole area, vastu of constructive area, and vastu of every room
  • You can learn about the sick building syndrome.
  • Principles of Bau- biology.
  • Structural vastu
  • Orientation
  • Placements
  • How can you place different things in a room, according to vastu?

Vastu Shastra


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