Vaastu Shastra

Celebrating Deepawali according to vastu

diwali imgWhatever is exhibited should be pleasing to the eyes and mind bringing joy and cheer to those who view them. Aesthetic and cultural aspects also should be borne in mind, while selecting decorative pieces or paintings and pictures and placing them in our home. So by following all the rituals and by decorating the houses in this style can double the happiness in the coming festive season.

The Environment
  • A clutter-free environment is essential to regulate and improve the flow positive energy in the area. Laxmiji enters the house which is properly neat & clean.
  • Environment img Open spaces allow the positive energy to move freely in the household. Any obstruction to this balanced flow of energy should be removed.
  • The house should be properly lit and no corner should be left in darkness.
Main door decoration
  • The main door should be neat & clean and should not make any creaking voice.
  • A silver swastika should be placed on the main door as it keeps the ills out of the house.
  • main gate img The Asthamangala sign, which is the seat of lotus wearing a sacred garland of eight auspicious symbols, can also be placed.
  • Goddess Laxmi should be welcome by stamping small footprints from the entrance to the house, they should always show the inward movement.
  • Colourful Toran/Bandarwal should be hanged on the main door.
  • The ideal Toran is made with the leaves of mango, kaner, peepal, ashok trees. They help in purifying the environment and keep the negative vibes out of the house.
Inside the house
  • A tray with water and floating flowers petals looks marvellous and if put in east/north will benefit the owner also.
  • inside houseSymbols like Swastik, Om, Rangoli decorations should be put on the North/East walls.
  • A rangoli with lighting earthen diyas if done in Southeast corner of the house will not only look beautiful but will also enhance the prosperity of the owners.
One the eve of Diwali
  • Put two earthen diyas on both the sides of the main entrance door.
  • eve of diwaliWhen placing the diyas outside the house, they should be placed in multiples of four, as each diya represents the reigning deity of Diwali – Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Kuber and Lord Indra.
  • Put floating candles with rose petals and pure water in the centre of the house to ensure positivity in the house.
Gifts according to vastu

Vastu tells us which gifts we must give to our friends, relatives and colleagues. There are some gift items which must not be given strictly according to vastu principles lest it would led to enmity and things may get worse between the relationships.

  • Vastu suggests antique items should not be given as gifts.
  • gifts according vastuAccording to Vastu paintings can be given and they should be placed with vastu directions like watery paintings must be placed in North east, rocky paintings must be placed in South west and fire paintings must be taken to South east.
  • Armours are associated with war, revenge and blood thus, these items and related pictures must not be given in gifts.
  • Crystals are always good for gifts but they must be placed at specific place that is Eastern direction of house.
  • Stone item and metal item should take to south direction and water item fountain should be placed in north east.
  • The leather items should not be given in the gifts as they are made of dead animal’s skin and are thus considered inauspicious.
Lighting according to Vastu

Lighting colours should Red, Blue, Orange, Green, White and Yellow. These are main hues which can be used in lights to brighten your place and spirit. There are some basic rules of direction in which you can use these specific colours either in light or rangoli:

  • If the main door lies in North/Northeast, then the dominating colours should be Green/Yellow
  • light imgIf the main door is in the East direction, then Yellow is the colour.
  • The main entrance in Southeast should be enhanced by Red colour.
  • South/Southwest/West direction main doors should use the combination of Red & Blue colours.
  • In Northwest, the main colour should be Blue.
Rangoli trend

Making rangoli on diwali is an ancient trend using different colour to make a design and welcome guests. Rangoli is basically made on the main entrance to welcome everybody. It exudes a specific pattern in colour. The designs of rangoli should be ethnic which exudes a sense of endlessness of time. Heavenly symbols such as moon, star and other signs are common in themes for rangoli.

Enhancing Rangoli with Vastu
  • The rangoli designs encourage the positive energy to enter the house.
  • img rangoliIt should be noted that readymade rangoli on which Laxmi Ganesh are made should not be placed on doorsteps as it is inauspicious.
  • The symbols like swastika/Om should not be made in the rangoli on the floor.
  • The footprints depicting Laxmiji entrance should be in the direction of going in the house not coming out.
  • The colours of the Rangoli should be followed as the colours of lights.
  • With proper colour and light in appropriate direction according to vastu will enhance your chances of wealth, success and prosperity.

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