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Vastu for Lift

Vastu Advice for LiftConstructing lift or elevator in a building is a trend as well as necessity now days, as with the coming up of apartments and multi-storey homes lift is important to incorporate. Vastu provide some significant rules regarding the construction, location and placement of lift in a building. Any incorrect construction of lift in terms of direction and placement leads to losses, inevitable accidents, loss of wealth and other failures into the building.

In order to construct lift/elevator, Vastu held some exclusive tips so that the construction of lift doesnít give any problem to the inmates living in the building. Elevator need huge investment any wrong step on the part builder regarding its construction can cost much and canít be change. Therefore one should be enlighten to take Vastu recommendation before constructing lift in the building.
  • Vastu recommends proposing lift North or East and exact North-east corner must be avoided.
  • Lift should not come directly in the front of main door or entrance door.
  • South and West direction is also fine for placing lift while avoid South-west corner must be avoided.
  • Avoid mirror in the lift.

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