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Steps to clean your house

Cleaning house can be a tedious and untidy task but if it is done with utmost care and organize manner. People tend to follow wrong strategy when it comes to cleaning house. The biggest mistake which we all of us make is cleaning room by room- this is called zone cleaning. Here are some steps through which you can sparkle your entire living place in few hours.

Look out for dust

Clean your room and remove the coagulated dust around the topsides of all the furniture and underside shelves, all handrails, picture frames, TV screens and knick knacks. Dust collects mainly on the window mirrors, panes, shafts, and top of the furniture. So have a vigil eye on the doors and other things of the rooms which may not leave without cleaning.

Analyze the things of the room

Chart out a plan of the things which you need to buy for your home such as curtains, covers, bedsheets etc. Also make a plan which all things you need to throw out which may have become obsolete. The things which are usable keep them separately and non usable things must declutter from the house.

De-cluttering the home

After analyzing the thing which needs to be thrown out, you may de-clutter your house with the junk things. Things like papers, newspapers, magazines and other material must be scraped to get rid of litter. Other thing you can do to get rid of clutter pest control which is an important task.

Furniture and fabric

Take a note of your furniture and bed and if necessary remake the beds. Brush furniture surfaces with a vacuum extension. Buy some new curtains, bed sheets and covers for your bed, sofa sets.

Mirror and glass

Wipe out the mirrors and glass wherever you find in your home. Do not scratch or press the mirror and glass during cleaning which will leave streaks behind.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Walk through the kitchen and bathroom after taking note of rooms. Spray cleaner on tubs, sinks and toilets and then scrub it. After this in the kitchen wipe down the gas stove, cabinets, microwave and shelves and other appliances.

Setting up the house

The next step is to set the things at place. After cleaning the rooms you need to set your furniture, bed, sofa and other bulky things at proper place in an organized manner.

Increase the positive vibes

After getting rid of all the litter lying inside your home and arranging all your things, bring some spiritual things which may give positive vibes. You can arrange things in accordance with vastu such as use swastika inside your home or in pooja room, place ganesha idol in front of the main door and change some places of your things according to vastu. This will definitely bring you luck, happiness and pleasures.

Make use of natural cleaning products

It is the time when we are trying to save our ozone layer so to contribute our part we should use natural cleaning products which is eco and environment friendly. Use those cleaning products which are not harmful for home and your family.

Make your surroundings a better place to live in.
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